First blog post

First blog post


In this article you will find the answer not only to the main question, but also get to know the species of cots. Thus, in the shop of the city or the world wide web you will know which model to pay attention in the first place.

The types of beds for kids

aerobed for kids

The cot-cradle
Its main advantage is that parents will be guaranteed a relaxing stay. Kid will feel like in the mother’s belly, because sleep will be strong and calm. Some models are equipped with music and light accompaniment, you can also find copies of the e-motion sickness system. Choosing such a comfort, and should be considered a major disadvantage. The cradle is suitable only for those children who have not yet risen to his feet. In the future it may turn over, because you have to get rid of the space that is already used to sleeping child and buy a new version.

Classic wooden cot
The model, which enjoyed and will be in demand at all times. It can sleep a child up to 3 to 4 years. All depends on the individual, the family budget and skilled hands of Pope. The height of the bed can be adjusted, there are folding ledges and other “utility”. The bed is available at a price, but has a drawback, which in some cases can play a cruel joke. Baby cradles are very difficult.

Bed-pendulum rocking
This – the younger sister of the previous model. Finally, rocking the problem was resolved. The pendulum is a special mechanism, whose vibrations do not stop for a long time (exact time to the baby to fall asleep), and rocking help runners.

beautyrest crib mattress

Cot, playpen
It differs in that the walls are made from fabric. Compact model will please families with children for a newborn does not involve too much space. The arena provides fastener to baby could he get out of bed. Going back to the size it should be noted that such an option is possible and to carry with you on vacation, because it develops very simple. Bright colors and colorful paintings will bring up a child’s sense of aesthetics and beauty. Disadvantage – no frame in rigid elements. The model is not suitable for kids, as they can not stand on their own feet.

Some parents prefer a cradle for babies. This design features a stylish appearance and compact. But do not forget that the bed is still very soon need.

What a cot to be done?

baby cribs

Now in stores you can find a lot of models of plastic. Should I choose a baby crib for a newborn? Most parents will say, “No!” and they will be right.

The best choice – natural wood furniture. Unfortunately, you can find plastic “wood”, which is difficult to distinguish from the original. In order not to make a mistake, ask the seller to present the technical documentation.

It is advisable not to stop the choice on a bed of pine. As a rule, fixing at a furniture quickly become loose and active, and curious kids will do the job quickly. It is best to give preference cribs made of birch, oak, beech.

Bed hardwood will serve you faithfully for many years, and probably will come in handy after the next delivery.


What to look for?

The list of factors, which can not forget the young parents.

1. Ease of movement. In life there are different situations, sometimes the baby should be moved to another room. And do not forget that in the nursery for a newborn should be purity. You’re not going with washing floors each time raising the bed and repositioned to another location? It is necessary to choose furniture with wheels.

2. Stability. You know, that kid will not only sleep here? It will be six months after birth, and he wants to crawl into bed to play.

3. Perfectly smooth surface of the wood. Otherwise, the child can get scratched or worse – to plant a thorn.

4. Adjust the height of the bottom. Unfortunately, very often children fall out of bed. He reached for the toy on the floor or the rim was too low … there are many reasons. Adjustable allows you to control the bumpers as children of growth.

5. The distance between the vertical slats no more than 6 centimeters. Otherwise, the arms, legs or head can get stuck.

6. Hidden fastening. Bolts and nuts should be hidden from the handles of the kid. Also pay attention to the presence of plastic caps.

7. An elastic mattress and bedding from environmentally friendly materials. The body of each baby is very susceptible to environmental factors, and because such a choice should be given due attention.

8. Drawer. Very soon, cabinets in the house can become clogged the eyeballs unnecessary baby clothes, and the free space becomes less. Built-in drawer in the crib set up for things or favorite toys of the child. As a rule, the place is enough!

Down with stereotypes!

Do not think that only overseas people can really make a quality cot. The domestic industry in this regard does not lag behind. Do not chase the most expensive model. Think about what a child should sleep comfortably and gradually get to know the world. But the design itself should not be too intrusive and “heaped up”. Bust with ornaments can cause injury. The main thing – safety and convenience!

Now you figured out how to buy a cot and be able to provide yourself and your baby healthy sleep, good health and good spirits!